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Doja Cat shares a post with a T-shirt of neo-Nazi comedian Sam Hyde

The artist posted, deleted, and republished a cropped selfie of herself wearing a T-shirt with the image of the far-right comedian.

Doja Cat shares a post with a T-shirt of neo-Nazi comedian Sam Hyde

On Friday, the singer shared a photo of herself sitting in a car, wearing a T-shirt that showed Hyde holding a rifle. The photo is known to have been used as a meme in connection with mass shootings, and Hyde allegedly has ties to the neo-Nazi movement.

Doja Cat deleted the post, but then shared another photo with Hyde’s image cropped and accompanied by eye roll emojis. However, the correction did not prevent criticism from her followers, who expressed their disappointment in the comments: “This is not cute or funny”, “Pick me girl for white men”, or “Damn, admitting to being anti-Jewish, anti-gay and anti-black while being black and cosplaying as gender nonconforming is interesting”.

Sam Hyde was a co-writer of Adult Swim’s “Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace,” which was canceled after one season due to allegations of racist and sexist themes. Additionally, in 2017, Hyde donated $5,000 to the neo-Nazi website “Daily Stormer” while its editor, Andrew Anglin, faced a lawsuit from the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly harassing a Jewish woman.

This is not the first time Doja Cat has been linked to far-right groups. In 2020, a 2015 song titled “Dindu Nuffin” surfaced, which is a term used by the far right to mock black people who have suffered police brutality and claimed innocence. Doja apologized for this, but later images of her were found in Tinychat chats where she used the n-word, an offensive racial term.

The artist also apologized for the latter and claimed that she never participated in racist conversations. Some people who were present in the chat rooms with Doja backed up her claim, alleging that they never heard her utter discriminatory remarks during their conversations, which, they explained, were not explicitly racist.

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