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Doja Cat talks about how liberating it was to shave her head

Doja chatted about her look with Sean Evans on the latest episode of Complex and First We Feast’s Hot Ones while eating some hot wings.

Doja Cat talks about how liberating it was to shave her head

The artist admitted that she would like to bring a sense of camp back to hip-hop, talking about her bold shaved look.

“Rap in the old days was a lot more…. I don’t even think it’s better now or before, but I get really excited when I see rappers who are interested in their visuals in a way where they’re willing to do something new and twist things and do something camp,” he explained.

In addition, Doja talked about his intention to include much more relaxed visuals in his work. He said about the music video for “Attention”: “I’m wearing jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket and some jewelry. I’m not wearing prosthetics or a wig. It’s just me, I’m very comfortable in that video, and it was such a nice break from the hell of having to wear plastic bras and seven-inch platforms…. I want to pull back a little bit, but not be lazy.”

As for the biggest benefit of “going bald,” the rapper talked about how liberating it was for her to shave her head. “What I like the most is that I can focus on what I’m wearing and not so much on my hair. The hair, it’s another… it’s another world, it’s another situation. You have to do braids and pigtails and stuff like that. It’s like, fuck it, I could put on a cute outfit and be bald. There’s a lot of bad bitches that are bald in this world.”

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