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Doja Cat releases her new album “Scarlet”

The 27-year-old also just released the music video for “Agora Hills” at midnight tonight, as part of “The Scarlet Experience”.

Doja Cat releases her new album “Scarlet”

The sequel to “Planet Her” is out now.

The singer returns to her hip-hop roots with her 15-track album Scarlet, which includes the previously released singles “Paint the Town Red”, “Demons” and “Attention”, as well as new tracks such as “Love Life”, “Fuck the Girls (FTG)” and “Skull and Bones”.

Doja announced in June that she would support Scarlet’s release with her first concert tour. Rappers Ice Spice and Doechii will participate on select dates of the tour, which kicks off October 31 in San Francisco.

One thing to note is that Doja had to replace the album cover before releasing it due to the controversy it stirred up. Apparently, the cover created by Dusty Ray was almost identical to that of the album Of Gloom by the German metal band Chaver, which was scheduled to be released on the same day as Scarlet. The new illustration shows in a gouache watercolor titled Venatrix.

And in other music news, Mainline Magic Orchestra redefine BDSM in their new single.

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