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FKA Twigs announces the arrival of her new mixtape, Caprisongs

Broken on the cover and shedding a few tears at the disco with her latest single, Tears In The Club with The Weeknd, FKA Twigs returns to the media spotlight announcing the release of her new mixtape, Caprisongs, which you will be able to listen to on January 14 on all platforms.

Caprisongs was born as part of a long introspection of the artist. More as a need, or gear, to be able to convey her emotions. A journey that begins and ends in herself, her guts and her collaborators and friends. “Caprisongs is apple juice when you’re thirsty…the phrase someone said to you and changed everything…the friend who is always late, but gives it all at the party,” she comments on her Instagram account.

This album features appearances by Pa Salieu, Daniel Ceasar, Jorja Smith, Unknown T, Rema, Dystopia and Shygirl, as well as productions by Arca and Sega Bodega

For the moment, the only idea we could have about what this album will sound like lies in her latest single with The Weeknd, Tears In The Club, where she claims something that has probably happened to all of us: crying because the whirlwind of emotions produced by the party and the club remind you of someone’s hurt and mistreatment.

FKA Twigs Tears In The Club

Twigs has accustomed us to explain love not only through a relationship with other people, but also from ourselves, and, in this latest single, we see her collecting that kind of energy to materialize it into power for herself. As Erich Fromm says in The Art of Loving: “The one who loves is constantly transforming. He grasps more, he observes more, he is more productive, he is more himself”. A quote that, personally, I consider that it will define quite accurately everything that this artist will manifest in the statement of her new mixtape.

If you don’t want to miss anything about this release, you can check out FKA Twigs’ official Instagram profile or Pre-Save Caprisongs here.

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