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Google will solve your skin, hair and nails problems

Google is developing a new application for users to find answers to their skin, hair and nail problems.

Google is developing an application that will help you identify these conditions through artificial intelligence. Users will be able to upload a photograph to obtain a list of possible causes and solutions, but in no case can the verdict be considered as accurate as a face-to-face diagnosis.


We’ve all turned to Google for answers at one time or another, especially if our questions are about health. Because of course, why go to a professional when you can find a list of 100 diseases caused by that pain in the little toe of your left foot? But to make you a little less hypochondriac and provide you with more reliable results, Google is working on an application that will help you find answers to your problems. Specifically to those related to skin, hair and nails, as they are the most searched for on the platform.

How will it work? Well, very simply, users will upload photographs of the affected areas and through artificial intelligence an analysis will be carried out to provide a list of possible related conditions. Afterwards, they will be able to get more detailed information about any of the results and the next steps. Still, the results are not intended to be a definitive diagnosis, as an in-person examination is always much more accurate. In addition, to make sure that our doubts are resolved in the best possible way, Google has tested the future application on all skin types. In this way, the system guarantees more personalized information suitable for all ages, sexes and races.

Would you use this app or do you not trust a photo diagnosis? And speaking of photos… Google announced this week that it will soon have a secure folder so you can protect your most personal images.

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