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Hunter Schafer confirms she was dating Rosalia

Hunter Schafer has confirmed in an interview with GQ magazine that she had a romantic relationship with Rosalia in 2019.

Hunter Schafer confirms she was dating Rosalia

After months of rumours about being seen together and even a possible move, actress Hunter Schafer has confirmed in an interview with GQ magazine that she spent five months dating Rosalia in the autumn and winter of 2019. She has also confirmed that the two are still friends and maintain a good relationship. In the interview, the “Euphoria” star has spoken openly about her romantic relationship with Rosalía, having the approval of the same.

The actress had to meet up with her several times to realise how much of a good vibe there was and to conclude that they were dating. “I have very nice friendships with people with whom I had a sentimental relationship” and has stressed that Rosalía “belongs to the family no matter what. There has been a lot of speculation for a long time. One part of us wants to put an end to all that, and another says: ‘But why, it’s nobody’s business!'”, although she concluded by saying that “it’s something I’m happy to share. And I think she feels that way too.

Rumours of a romance between Schafer and Rosalía began in 2019 when the two met at London Fashion Week at a Burberry show. Since then, they attended several events together such as the 2019 Billboard Women in Music, with Rosalía even dedicating a few words to her when she received her award. “Thank you to my friend Hunter for joining me tonight. I love you so much.” When she released ‘Tuya’ in 2023 the lyrics hinted at a romance with a woman, we all speculated that it was dedicated to Hunter. But we knew nothing more about it. Until now.

‘Motomami’ is 2 years old and this is how Rosalía celebrates it.

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