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Inside the figurative and sensual universe of Amanda Wall

Amanda Wall has created a whole fantastic universe based on abstract brushstrokes with which she deals with bodily existence.

From her erotic realistic nudes to her more figurative paintings: Amanda Wall has created a whole fantastic universe based on abstract brushstrokes with which she addresses the conflicts of bodily existence.

The American figurative painter, based in Los Angeles, uses personal photographs as a reference to transform them into paintings through her magical vision with which she frames the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Beyond having gone through other artistic practices throughout her life as a model, stylist, art director or brand promoter, Amanda Wall has become in a few years an artistic reference, after living a series of existential crises that led her to experiment with the world of painting. All the influence of time and the perfection of her technique are diluted in her paintings influenced by fashion and design.


If we zoom in and delve into these stylized works of art, we can see how, behind the painting, lies a combination of voyeurism, exhibitionism and existentialism of the 21st century. In his works he also exposes contrasts of emotions and concepts in which he mixes the intimate and the disturbing through his distinctive palette characterized by the clash of lurid colors. Soft tones coexist here with more eccentric ones impregnated with the glow of neon or sunsets in LA.

Within the artistic archive that he exhibits digitally in his feed, and in physical format in some galleries around the world, recumbent figures, turned heads, long legs or big feet are blurred. And all this he generates through a perspective with which he distorts and generates abstraction of the bodies, but also embellishes them. Paintings in which he addresses themes ranging from desire or control, to fetishism, reflecting that wet or glamorous quality of the oil with which he portrays living people with a glow that has depth.

Wall then explores that sensation of contrasts with which he distills his entire inner world in the form of pictorial catharsis. A reflection that he glimpses in those works in which space bifurcates, and in which the real gives way to something unreal or fictitious. In his world everything can exist.

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