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Instagram Reels: new editing tools

Meta has introduced new creative tools for Instagram and Facebook aimed at creating, editing and scheduling Reels.

Meta has introduced new creative tools for Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels for creating, editing and scheduling videos.

Users will now be able to edit and schedule Facebook Reels on desktop via Creator Studio. In addition, Meta is rolling out a new video trimming tool that will streamline the process of creating clips from long-form videos published to the app’s short-form format.

For gamers, you now have the option to generate short-form Reels directly from your live stream. Content creators will now be able to trim live clips and have dual view for the game and gamer camera. Facebook Reels also now support voiceovers.

The platform also launched Sound Sync, so users can automatically match their clips to the beat of various songs or have a voice read text from Reels with the Text-to-SPeech feature.

Instagram has also integrated new tools for its Reels, including the option to extend the length up to 90 seconds. Content creators will also be able to use stickers that are transferred to the Reels section for surveys, quizzes or contests.

The latest update also offers the possibility to import your own audio to add comments or a background sound to any video. It will also be possible to use templates to customise content and recommend your own Reels on Facebook.

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