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Mushrooms take over Bimba Y Lola’s FW21 collection

Mushrooms permeate Bimba Y Lola’s FW21 collection, from glow-in-the-dark T-shirts to XL costume jewellery to key rings.

“Back to the roots and to the essential, but with technology always at hand” is the starting point of #thisisTECHNONATURE, Bimba Y Lola’s FW21 collection. Therefore, mushrooms as an element linked to nature permeate the entire capsule, from glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, XL jewellery, to key rings. 

In a time dominated by thousands of daily stimuli, disconnection means taking a step towards personal and collective well-being. The common thread of #thisisTECHNONATURE is the tranquillity offered by a more sober and natural life, but always supported by the digital world. Two ideas that at first sight seem antagonistic, but which are presented as the new reality.

“From the farm to the rave, through the exploration of the environment” is the aesthetic route that Bimba Y Lola follows in the FW21 collection. In this way, it is committed to dedicating a space in all its categories to mushrooms. A natural motif that is present in fluorescent form on the black and white t-shirts, on fun key rings and XXL-sized jewellery.


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