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Rosalia on the verge of ecstasy #patrioticpride

A few days ago Rosalía announced on one of the Times Square screens: the title, date and cover of her new album.

A few days ago the entire national scene was shocked when singer Rosalía (@rosalia.vt) announced on one of Times Square’s screens: the title, the date – November 2 – and the cover of her new album – work of Spanish artist Filip Custic.

Under the title “El mal querer” comes what is perhaps the album with the most ‘hype’ of recent years. Rosalía has earned this recognition, although many insist on pigeonholing it, Rosalía doesn’t understand music genres, and that makes her a little bit of everyone and that’s where she eradicates part of the great success of the Catalan.


Critical voices continue with the argument of cultural appropriation. Regarding this boring and archaic argument we completely agree with Rodrigo Terrasa who says that it is “a concept as old as Arabic numeration, but fed now by the tireless collective of offended in social networks. The same was cultural appropriation when Cervantes wrote pages of El Quijote with a Biscayan accent but then there was no Twitter anywhere in La Mancha”. Also, if this appropriation is to create things like Rosalía creates them, blessed be that concept.

Today Rosalía surprised us again through social networks with the publication of the tracklist, she prefers to call them chapters, of her new album:

CAP. 1. AUGURIO - Malamente con C. Tangana.
CAP. 2. BODA - Que no salga la luna con Las Negras, Nani Cortés, Lin Cortés, Los Mellis, Pablo Díaz Reixa y Juan Mateo.
CAP. 3. CELOS - Pienso en tu mirá con Milagros y Los Mellis.
CAP. 4. DISPUTA - De aquí no sales.
CAP. 5. LAMENTO - Reniego con Jesús Bola.
CAP. 6. CLAUSURA - Preso con Rossy de Palma.
CAP. 7. LITURGIA - Bagdad con el Cor de l'Orfeò Català y Joan Albert Amargós.
CAP. 8. ÉXTASIS - Di mi nombre con Las Negris, Los Mellis, Pablo Díaz Reixa y Laura Boschetti.
CAP. 10. CORDURA - Maldición.
CAP. 11. PODER - A ningún hombre.

So, we can see how the long-awaited album even featured Rossy de Palma herself, who has already been seen in some of Rosalía’s concerts (for example, at the Festival Cultura Inquieta in Getafe). Rosalía is also now “chica Almodóvar”, as the singer will perform in Dolor y Gloria, the next film by the filmmaker from La Mancha, as she announced through her Instagram account.

Rosalía - El Mal Querer || Artwork: Filip Custic
Rosalía – El Mal Querer || Artwork: Filip Custic

She is currently in the United States to participate in the 2018 Latin Grammy Gala which will take place next Thursday, September 20.

Just as Enrique Morente or Miguel Poveda did, Rosalía has broken with the classical branch of flamenco, besides she has approached more urban sounds and has known how to connect with an “orphan” scene that satisfies chapter after chapter. This is only the beginning and we are completely sure that from next November 2nd many things are going to change.

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