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Threads is the alternative to Twitter to be launched by Meta

Meta is taking advantage of the complicated moment Twitter is going through with its latest controversial decisions and will launch its own microblogging application.

Threads is the alternative to Twitter to be launched by Meta

Meta, the social media giant that encompasses Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is about to launch an alternative to Twitter, the microblogging platform.

Threads is the name of this new application that will provide an experience very similar to that of Twitter; it is based on written text and relatively short messages, allowing to mark posts as favorites, retweet, reply and send direct messages.

The release date, July 6, has been announced in the app’s description in the U.S. App Store. The app is expected to be available in the U.S. App Store this Thursday and will soon be available in the rest of the world, possibly on Friday. In addition, there will be no need to worry about usernames, as it will be possible to log in with Instagram accounts and keep our at-noun.

It makes sense for Meta to make this move right now, when Twitter has accumulated some controversial decisions such as those related to APIs, the recent daily view limit or paid verifications.

In case you missed it, Meta explains the influence of its AI on Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm.

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