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Ugo Boulard presents ‘Boulard’ with his first collection ‘L’ornament’

Boulard is a clothing brand that was born in the heart of Barcelona in the year 2020 and that reviews the style of European fashion.

Boulard is a clothing brand that was born in the heart of Barcelona in the year 2020 and that reviews the style of European fashion providing classic, sophisticated, elegant, creative, romantic and seductive forms, increasingly marking its identity.

Ugo Boulard was born in Barcelona in 1998. From a very young age he began to feel admiration for dance and, especially, for hip hop culture. At the age of 6 he entered the Varium school, a place that was his home for learning and artistic creation for the next 15 years of his life.

“I think my life with dance has created all the physical forms that I am able to translate with fashion today and to the point where I am.”

After spending more than 8 years professionally in the world of dance, she became interested in fashion and discovered a new passion that would mark a before and after. After 3 years training in it, she meets new people and new artists, consolidating a common project with her friends and creates her own brand: BOULARD.

The brand is supported by a leading creative network in the city. With it, it brings the identification of the aesthetic value of Barcelona‘s culture and its creative vision to the eyes of the whole world. Through passion, learning, curiosity and constant work, the brand moves forward renewing trends from a common innovative value with the artists that make it up. The constant study of all aspects of the fabric allows the project to develop with a quality product and a sustainable vision to build itself properly in the coming years as a consolidated and solid brand both within the country and abroad.

The first project will be launched this month, presenting its first clothing collection ‘L’ornament. A total of 10 complete looks presented through a fashion film that will see the light of day at the opening of the brand’s website and social networks.

“I want to create aesthetic, commercial and physical forms as a canvas to frame and explain reference/important experiences that project the brand values in an artistic way. Why? Because I need to be able to explain my more philosophical way of looking at the current world we live in, like the project, and to bring a message to change a part of the world that, I believe, a large part of our generations no longer feel identifiable with” assures Ugo.

With this first message, the brand seeks to differentiate itself by modifying the traditional methodologies of savoir-faire. In addition to the qualities that already define this technique, it seeks to add great importance to what could be defined in parallel as knowing how to feel.

Ugo wants to create a new mindset by entering a different era, based on completely different values than society has had so far. Only people who share this new mentality and want to join a shared and different global consciousness will be able to understand the brand at its purest. The brand proposes a short-term vision of being able to elevate the aesthetic value of the city’s fashion and connect all the arts. In the long term, the vision is to deliver a message strong enough to trace and follow the project for generations, with this way of learning it proposes.

Some of their projections are to take the brand towards maximum sustainability. To have a department that can work on this 24/7; to create a solid and available team to be able to work with fast times and to be able to offer them an apprenticeship; a suitable working environment and a perfect salary to work comfortably and motivated; to get a fashion show…

L’ornament’ will include a capsule entitled ‘L’esquirolada’, which will represent the most natural part of the project. On 28 September, Ugo Boulard will hold a very special presentation event at Garden, a new concept store in the heart of Paseo de Gracia.

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