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Vaquera Fall20 > What may not have been, but it was

The new collection of Vaquera Fall2020 has given us a lesson on how to adapt to circumstances without losing any intention along the way.

The new collection of Vaquera Fall20 has given us a lesson on how to adapt to circumstances without losing any intention along the way.

The models paraded holding the cards that indicated the number of each look. As if to make it clear what they were there for, understandable when they hardly ever set foot on the catwalk. The difficulties that emerging firms have to overcome – lack of budget and resources – were the reason why the parade was hanging by a thread. This time there was a happy ending, but we wondered how much talent we were missing for this very reason, we suspected more than we would like.

Exaggerated silhouettes with tie-dye prints, camouflage, snake and sequins, which are kept contained by a range of colours where black is the base. Most looks are made up of pieces that combine all these prints and create a new “texture” where every detail stands out.

“Vaquera makes fashion fan fiction while aiming to subvert luxury and tell stories with clothing” is how one of the best creative trios of the international underground scene describe themselfs.

Expressing themselves through fashion is the goal of almost all designers, but few succeed. Vaquera slips into your retina, travels directly through the optic nerve and you immediately feel the heaviness, the stress, the euphoria, the dizzying pace of contemporary life. Vaquera is a state of mind. The graphics on their T-shirts are part of a novel written with declarations of disaffection, which tell a story about the margins in which they live their creativity. In spite of this, in this latest collection we could see garments with a more commercial profile, something that will surely serve to make their feelings go through more retinas. And hearts.

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