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We talk w/ Alice & js from @jaimetoutcheztoi

We talked with Alice Barbier and js Roques de @jaimetoutcheztoi about the current panorama of fashion and digital content.

Possibly the most brilliant content creator couple in the fashion world, Alice and js, known as @jaimetoutcheztoi, are the example that hard work pays off. If you haven’t already checked them, you’re taking too long…


Highxtar (H) Let’s start from the beginning. Do you remember the precise moment when everything changed?

@jaimetoutcheztoi (J) – I guess everything changed the moment we created our blog and Instagram account, almost 8 years ago, without having any clue it would change our lives!

H – How was the process of going deeper and deeper into the fashion industry?

J – As I mentioned it earlier, it took us 8 years to built our online presence and find our audience. During these years, our work attracted fashion brands and naturally, we built long-term relationships with them. The key in this industry is to maintain a certain level of creativity so that you always have something new to offer to your audience and to the brands.


H – Did you planned it from the first day or was it something that bloomed naturally?

J – I would not say it happens without any reason as we worked very hard ! But we did not plan it to become our full time job as we were blogging out of passion, for fun and as a hobby. I guess the hard work and dedication paid off !

H – These days everyone that posts a picture on IG calls themselves a Content Creator. You embody what is to REALLY create content. How do you feel about this wrong perception?

 J – In my opinion, you are a content creator as long as you mean it, when you think through the content you intend to create out of your mind. You are a content creator if you have your own ideas and style. It is not about reproducing something you have seen, something trendy that everybody else do.

H You posse, shot, edit, produce… How’s the process of a @jaimetoutcheztoi campaign?

J – Indeed, we design our campaigns from A to Z. We do enjoy when we have a carte blanche as it is challenging but also the best way to express our full creativity. Thinking about the concept and writing the story is the hardest and most exciting part, once you have it, the rest follows. You need to trust yourself and sometimes don’t hesitate to surround yourself with talents such as photographers to collaborate with.


H How would you define your style and how do you decide what brands are the most suitable to collaborate with?

J – We try to keep our style timeless but also edgy. It is all about balance, you need to have some good basics and add some statement pieces every once in a while. When it comes to brands, we try to collaborate with the ones aware of eco-responsibility but we don’t have strict rules except that we do not promote a brand if we would not wear it on a daily basis.

H We’ve seen you in many fashion shows already. Could you rank the best three collections you’ve seen so far?

J – I must say that all the KENZO shows have always impressed us as it is always a true show, a real performance. Also, one key moment for us was the Menswear FW17 Louis Vuitton collection when Kim Jones collaborated with Supreme, a great example of how the street can influence the luxury world. Finally, we would definitely remember the last Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Fendi, shown in Milan two days after he passed away, such a magnificent collection.

H Disclousing the making off of your productions gives us a hint of how hard you work and how complex is to do quality content. How do you feel about the unfair validation of those posting irrelevant selfies and getting this amount of attention?

J – I guess easy and spontaneous content does not mean it is irrelevant content. Proof is, it usually encounters great success as there is an audience for this type of content. Also, this content allows us to offer something different ! I must also say that all of our content is not always super complex, we do enjoy a good old mirror selfie sometimes !

H How did the quarantine affect your preCOVID life? What helped you stay inspired and motivated?

J – With the quarantine, we definitely had much more time home to rest but also more time to think about creative concepts; being busy is a blessing but sometimes it prevents you from being fully creative. I guess being free from any pressure helped a lot !

H In every shooting you share, the connection you have is outstanding. How does being a couple influences your professional side?

J – We were friends from high school and knew each other for many years before being a couple. Also, we built our love relationship at the same time of our professional one. The professional side strengthen our couple and vice versa.


H Have you ever thought of having personal IG accounts and projects parallel to @jaimetoutcheztoi? Who’s the one handling your account mainly?

J – We spend so much time on our main account that we would not have the energy to run personal accounts ! We share the account, Alice is taking care of the feed, pictures to post, captions to write and js is handling the Stories.

H 2020 has been quite rad and confusing, but you still kept it up. How did you handle these year’s particularities and how do you face 2021?

J – 2020 has told us that we cannot take what we currently have for granted. It forced us to get even more creative. Also, it gave us great hope regarding the future of the digital industry as everybody finally realized how important it is!

H Besides fashion and beauty, do you see yourself (both of you) exploring new fields?

J – Of course we would love to explore new fields such as Art or furniture Design so let see if we manage to do it !


H What’s next for @jaimetoutcheztoi?

J – Working more and more on creative concepts and artistic direction for brands who needs it.

We’ll keep an eye on the next moves of Alice and js.

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