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We talk w/ Víctor Barragán: Redefining fashion from the inside

Barragán has arrived to redefine fashion in his own terms, bringing his well-defined personality to the main stage and making everyone love it.

Finding uniqueness in any creative discipline these days has become a damn hard task. In an industry where everyone “gets inspired” by others, Barragán has arrived to redefine fashion in his own terms, bringing his well-defined personality to the main stage and making everyone love it.

Víctor Barragán is a Mexican-born fashion designer that is changing the way we see this universe. His firm ain’t about fashion, Barragán (@barragan)  is about the message, about embracing a culture, about giving a spot to realness. This young designer ain’t an emerging talent anymore, he’s changing the way NY sees fashion and it’s time for y’all to know him.

H.- Fashion is in continuous change these days, what would you like to bring to these revolutionary era?

Víctor Barragán (VB)I feel like I’m in it to further and continue to secure a new standard and appreciation of unique beauty and talent that is not normative in our history. As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so there really shouldn’t be this longstanding, linear idea of what’s beautiful and fashionable. I just want the BARRAGÁN brand and lifestyle to be one of the many offerings of beauty to challenge acceptance in the world.

H.- Your alliance with Guerxs is a unique collaboration in the industry, how did it come up?

VB – I met its founder, Maria Osado, at a mutual friend’s house. We connected, and discovered we grew up in the same experience of wanting to break out of the mold in Mexico. She and I share similar values and ideas of expression. I really appreciate her eye in casting beautiful individuals who complement, if not, add more to the brand.


H.- In times where Mexicans are being bullied by the USA president, how does it feel to kill it in the heart of Manhattan during NYFW?

VB – It’s all a bit overwhelming and a lot to take in to be honest. While I don’t necessarily feel like I’m killing it yet, I do appreciate the celebratory milestones and steps of my journey in making it in the industry, NY and beyond! I’m just taking it day by day, but so grateful for the overwhelming positive response over the past few years.

H.- We can see various inspiration sources in your last collection, why you decide to go after one idea instead of another when defining your new pieces?

VB Upon each collection, I take the time to really concept and sit with the many ideas in my head. I try to stay directional within the context of a core idea that I’m trying to express that season. Then, as we execute, I always question each design to see if it reverts back to servicing my core theme or message.

H.- Latin community is stronger than ever in every creative field, why do you think this is happening just now?

VB – In the way I answered earlier around different perspectives and values, I think social media has allowed for more visibility on the different facets of Latin communities. There is a ton of art and beauty to uncover within the infinite layers of Latin culture, and it’s all gradually coming out.

H.- How do you define BARRAGÁN’s identity as a brand? How important was being finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund for your growth?

VB – At this time, the core message of BARRAGÁN is to ask questions, and ask loudly. There’s a point to speak up and speak out, to uncover truth, and the purest way to gain knowledge is to ask questions. In that sense, the CVFF experience further taught and encouraged me to ask, learn, know, and understand. The knowledge I gained through that will definitely help us grow as a brand and business, so yes, very important.

H.- Where do you see your brand in 5 years? What is your ultimate goal as a fashion designer? Who would you like to see wearing a Barragán piece?

VB – The goals within the next years are to get BARRAGÁN to become a household name, not just within Fashion, but also other design fields, such as Art, Industrial, Graphics. We will better shape our identity in culture and experience, so that one may easily comment, “That’s so BARRAGÁN,” and be right about it. As a lifestyle brand, we will sell more products and experiences that resonate with more communities that we also connect with. Lastly, the day I can die is when we finally see J. LO in BARRAGÁN!

Víctor is already a must-watch in New York’s Fashion Week and has Rosalía among his followers. And this is just the beginning…

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