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Italian emerging designer and one of the semi-finalists for the coveted LVMH PRIZE award, Federico Cina, has been one of the most acclaimed designers during the latest edition of the Milan menswear fashion week (MFW) with his Autumn/Winter 22/23 collection.

Named “Ball’era 77” and inspired by the dance halls, generally with a “kistch” aesthetic, of the Emilia Romagna region, Cina has let us slip into her private party to discover his latest mixed collection, which is full of interesting pieces and various maxi accessories that we would like to have in our wardrobe, such as any of the scarves or bags.

Leaving aside the world of accessories and focusing on Federico’s proposal, we have been able to see first-hand how the relaxed and efortless style has taken over each and every one of the looks. Regarding the range of colours that predominates in his collection, this is characterized by being composed mostly by cold tones such as bondi blue or purple, except on some occasions in which the designer adds a touch of colour with mustard. Among the garments in the collection we have to highlight his oversized trousers, some of which incorporated a kind of skirt, and the garments printed with prints of people dancing, referring to the period in which the designer was inspired. Finally, the finishing touch to the looks were the round-toed shoes that each and every one of the models wore.

Still haven’t had time to see Federico Cina‘s Fall/Winter 22/23 collection? Take a look at the gallery and think about which of all the looks you’d like to wear.