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China-born, New York and London-based designer Feyfey Yufei Liu creates inflatable bags under the brand Fey Fey Worldwide.


The designer understands fashion as a commercial, functional and wearable art that appeals to performance, storytelling, cultural criticism and the generation of values. Although her work may seem unusual, she always aims to make her pieces functional and comfortable to wear.

She often addresses the interplay between the body, symbolism, metaphor and the everyday. Feyfey works with different fabrics to create timeless garments that do not follow fashions. His aim is to offer the opportunity to experience lifestyle garments in a new light.

“Fashion is like wearable art. I like to think that I make stupid clothes that offer an alternative to what is commonly worn. I do this as a reaction to the constructed standard that society imposes on women that they have to wear the ‘right’ clothes for the right occasion,” explains Feyfey.

The Royal College of Art alumna, has made waves on social media with her two-dimensional 0×0 100% AIR purse that inflates and turns into an inflatable purse thanks to its built-in fan. In addition, these accessories come with futuristic prints that bring a new vision.

You can now get the fey fey Worldwide inflatable bags on their website and at retailers such as ap0cene.