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Copenhagen-based brand GANNI has launched the third drop of its Pre-Fall 2022 collection inspired by the desire to escape from modern life.


Exploring a sense of escapism and nostalgia, GANNI escapes from modern life to transport itself into a time when everything felt freer. Continuing the commitment to sustainability, the collection uses materials such as CIRCULOSE, which is made from 100% discarded cotton textiles, as well as lower impact materials such as hemp.

Colour and faded prints are applied to blouses, trousers and dresses, which are contrasted with touches of animal print, as well as vibrant tones such as pink and green. On the accessories side, the Pre-Fall 2022 range includes crocheted fisherman’s hats perfect for the summer season, accompanied by a line of mule-like clogs.


“The team and I took a short trip to the Danish coast in the north, about an hour from Copenhagen. On the way, we talked about the feeling of wishing you were born in another time. For me, it’s about escaping modern life and transporting yourself to a time when everything felt freer in the sense that no one was documenting everything,” said creative director Ditte Reffstrup.

“I was looking at my family’s old holiday photos, they’re super faded and not perfect or retouched. I think the photos were more special back then, people really treasured them. With this in mind, we drew a bleached palette and a little twinge of nostalgia for the collection, nothing too literal, just a mood, a feeling.”


The GANNI Pre-Fall 2022 collection is now available on the website and in the brand’s physical shops.