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There is no doubt that designer Donatella Versace has tremendous admiration, affection and respect for the successful supermodels and sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, as she has stated in public on several occasions. For this reason, and because of their undoubtedly incredible professional careers, the Hadids have been commissioned to star in Versace’s spring/summer 22 campaign.

Wearing the luxury brand’s latest creations and representing the concept that the designer wanted to transmit with this campaign, the family, Donatella thinks that Gigi and Bella are the perfect example to symbolise the union and strength between sisters and that they both share the message of Versace’s sisterhood around the world.

But Gigi and Bella weren’t the only stars of this latest campaign. We also have to highlight the cameo that Gianni Versace’s eternal and iconic sister, Donatella, made in the campaign, sharing the shot with the Hadids and wearing her own creations like no other. This will undoubtedly be one of the campaigns that we will always remember and that will go down in history.

Do you agree with Donatella that Gigi and Bella are the best example to represent the union and strength between sisters? We do.

Check out the gallery to see Versace’s Spring/Summer 22 campaign.