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Halsey enters the world of beauty with her latest project, a makeup line focused on experimentation. The singer presents the brand with a lipstick, eye shadow and highlighter.

It has already become an habit. From Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner, through Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga. All of them have dared to launch their own brand of makeup and, to be honest, none of them have done badly.

Now the pop star is bringing her love of vibrant color makeup to the masses with an introductory collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and highlighters.

“Makeup is an art, and art is about happy accidents, not an ideal of perfection,” Halsey said of her new project. “I always feel freer when I create looks without following any rules. The beauty industry has rules, but I want to encourage people to challenge those rules and allow things to be imperfect and fun,” she added.

Halsey’s About-face is now available in pre-order on her official website. Orders will be shipped starting January 25.