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Fashion designer Harris Reed has taken the meaning of hats to the next level. His latest collection, presented at Central Saint Martin, has certainly created a buzz.


Harris Reed’s designs are synonymous of elegance. Since the beginning, hats have been the centerpiece of his creations. In fact, it all began like that. In his first year, Harris designed a white hat with wide brims and matching ribbon bows.

“The white hat. The thing that truly changed the course of my life thus far, not only within my work, but myself entirely”, wrote the 24-year-old on Instagram recently. “The giant white hat has always represented the visual identity of what it means to be fluid, out and proud, and in touch with your identity in whatever form that may take”.

Now in his last year of college, Reed is taking the meaning of hats to a higher level. “Thriving In Our Outrage” is the name of his latest six-piece collection that reaffirms his romantic-rock heritage and his gender fluidity. Her main source of inspiration has been the Marquis Henry Paget, known as the most eccentric aristocrat in history.

Thus, the opulence takes shape through these hats of 1 meter in diameter and made of lace and silk. One of them is hidden under a white veil to show the modern bride. Reed has also created three styles of sequined platform boots in collaboration with Roker Atelier.

In addition, the designer has joined the initiative to create his own filter for Instagram with which you can wear one of these wonderful hats. You’ll feel like a real aristocrat for a moment.

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