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If there was one thing that the brothers who make up the Heliot Emil brand demonstrated during this edition of Paris Fashion Week (PFW), it was the madness and passion that their pieces generate among the public and among their followers, as you only had to see the dozens of guests and the hundreds of onlookers who came to the Palais du Tokyo to attend the show (some with the intention of sneaking in) and discover the novelties for the coming season.

The enclave and the chosen room were the ideal setting to present “Solitary”, the autumn/winter 22 collection, as the industrial but elegant atmosphere that the location exuded matched perfectly with each and every one of the garments and accessories that made up the latest proposal by Julius Juul (the brand’s creative director). This is the result of new and innovative approaches juxtaposed with familiar silhouettes and materials such as wool, leather, organic cotton and steel trimmings, and seeks to redefine and reinterpret in a particular way the concept we have of a uniform, using a series of documented photographs of workers in a limestone factory. What does the new uniform look like according to H.E.? Similar to the one we all know but reimagined a bit more. The suits are still present (some with metallic details) and are accompanied by shirts and ties with the futuristic touch that characterises the designer so much. Oh, and balaclavas.

On top of all this, Julius has explored technological advances, such as 3D printed garments and accessories and footwear, to minimise waste and improve the level of detail, as well as technical developments such as RFID GPS blocking, anti-radiation fabric and heat-embossed fabric.

From here we can only say that we are looking forward to autumn/winter to wear Heliot Emil’s clothes and protect us from the cold with the amazing puffer jackets and jackets with leather and sheepskin, and Christmas to wear the metallic dress with asymmetrical neckline. 

Congratulations Heliot Emil, your first show in Paris was memorable!