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With the beginning of August 2022, new astrological trends will have a different impact on each of the zodiac signs. So from the H. team we tell you what this new period has in store for you.


This month Aries you have to look back, but not to stay there, but to understand once and for all what you can’t repeat again. This is the ideal time to start something you’ve known you should do for a long time and, of course, to make lots of plans, meet people and establish relationships. Be open to every opportunity and change in your life.


You start August feeling valued and aware of the place you occupy in all areas, both at work and in social relationships. Let yourself be loved. This month you will see how, with your self-love, you will overcome almost any obstacle that comes your way, and secondly, you will shine in a special way. Besides, although you are a rather practical person, you will be more creative than ever.


You are at a time in your life when you are thinking about many of the things that are happening to you, from work, studies, the direction of your life to love and your relationships. It is true that you don’t know what you want, but now you have to be aware that the decisions you make may lead you to totally different paths this summer. Get ready, there are curves ahead.


You’ve reached mid-summer a bit exhausted, you lack energy, and you’re also a bit insecure about what’s to come. So now it’s your turn to ask for help. You need to visualise yourself in the future, and be proud of what you have built in the past. And, consequently, be proud of what you are going to build now. You deserve good things but often even you don’t believe it. Trust yourself more.


This month listen to yourself, forget about always being liked. Stop looking for external validation and look within.  Don’t lose your temper in August, and don’t be too impulsive, it could play tricks on you when everything calms down. This season you need action, you need to materialize everything and you will probably have many opportunities to fix certain problems with your environment.


This month put your active head on hold. Allow yourself to really disconnect: from work, responsibilities, social networks and comparisons. Where before you had doubts, now there is security and clarity, and possibly that attitude is what will lead you to get what you want in life and with the space you are going to give yourself, it will surely be so.


You start August feeling very good inside and that’s why you project it outside. Those emotions were always there, with you, but now they are reborn and make you wonder if you are in the place you want to be, Libra. Besides, you will feel like ending the month learning something new, maybe you should consider starting a new course, sport or creative activity.


You have been going through a few months of changes, new projects and relationships and although at first you tend to get overwhelmed, you know that you are bringing out the best version of yourself. You start the month a bit irascible, exhausted and tired, but don’t take that energy out on your environment. It’s getting a little difficult to disconnect, but when you do you’ll realize that all that effort has been worth it.


August will be a month of much mental turmoil, things you thought you had super clear suddenly are not so clear, moments that you thought would not be repeated, will be repeated, but they will not be just bad, just change your vision a little. In addition you have certain desire to revolutionize your life and give it a twist so do not hesitate and go ahead with everything.


You are getting a bit tired of so much effort, so much dedication, so many hours, without having clear results in front of you. Something similar is happening to you with your relationships and your leisure time. Stop being so mathematical. You need to find new ways to express your feelings. You want people to be there, to read your mind, but that can’t happen if you don’t express it.


You have recently experienced situations where you have realised that not everything is as you imagine it to be, that your feelings are not what they used to be. You are in a period of transition in which you feel the need to try new things, to test yourself, to do things you have never done before. And this is true in all aspects of your life, so make the necessary decisions to do so.


Whenever something wobbles in your life, insecurities creep in. Enough with this passive attitude. The good thing is that you are learning to live with them, knowing that you don’t have to strive for perfection or compare yourself with other types of life. This is the one you have chosen, enjoy the journey, don’t let them make you doubt yourself and I’m sure everything will get better.