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With the beginning of the month of July 2022, new astrological trends arrive that will have a different impact on each of the zodiac signs. So from the H. team we tell you what this new period has in store for you.


During the month of June you have lived intensely, you have had strong emotions and some action-packed episodes so, in July, you need to slow down a little. It is a good time to channel all that energy into something that will be profitable for you. Think twice before you act and don’t rush into important decisions.


It is true that July is a somewhat anxious month for you, you may have to work on your stress or anxiety. You don’t see yourself the way others see you, you underestimate yourself, do you really believe that you haven’t evolved, that you haven’t grown, that you aren’t a better version of yourself? Try to burn energy this month and don’t waste your time, develop your passions.


This month you’re going to get a workout with excessive empathy and making other people’s problems your own. Also, you are likely to have moments this month when you feel you are fooling yourself, you may be where you don’t want to be and convince yourself otherwise, it may even happen with certain people too. Try not to feed certain balls and make them bigger.


When things go a little awry you are plagued by nostalgia, you can’t help but look back and cling to the past. This is your month Cancer, this is your season, so put your heart into it and make the most of every minute. In addition, you will begin to learn to say no to certain plans and certain people. This will also help you to regain your power and a lot of self-confidence.


These months you have had a lot of movement within yourself. You don’t talk much, nor ask for help, because you consider that what you have is what you have asked for. Try to open up a little more, to say how you feel, what is going on in your head. Focus on yourself and set goals in your day to day life because that is what will really bring about positive and very beneficial changes.


Although you always try to find peace of mind and personal rest, this month of July be prepared to live intensely. Your emotions will be running high and what you need right now is to express them and enjoy the moment. This is the time to express everything you feel for others and show them how much you care for them.


Now in July you don’t feel like doing anything, everything goes at a different pace and with this heat it is difficult, but you are putting your heart into it, you are putting your mind to it. You know you need to rest a little, take a holiday and disconnect from your daily routine. It is very important that you close chapters which already bring you little and that you focus on yourself to be able to enjoy this season to the maximum.


Despite the fact that certain things have become complicated in your life, you have an incredible mental strength and you end up attracting completely what you want towards you. July is a month in which you are going to organize yourself much better with some things. It is an ideal month for you to remember to do things that you like to do and that you have neglected. Not everything can be responsibilities.


A new month begins and the truth is that you start it understanding that there are certain things you have to change. But take it easy, take care of yourself, keep a few minutes a day for yourself, to rest. It is true that personally you have felt a little lost at times, you have to stop and think about where you want to direct your future now, where you want to go.


Many things are happening around you, many distractions, choose well what you dedicate your time to. In July you may have some emotional ups and downs but don’t let them get you down, the important thing is that you know how to control them, that you let them pass and that you go back to being you. This month you will be 100% proactive and especially magnetic. Take advantage of this to establish new connections.


Although you are a very empathic person, this month you are a bit detached, as if you don’t have the same connections you are used to. But don’t worry because you’re insatiable and you’ll be back to your old self sooner than expected. You never have an end, that’s why there will always be interesting people waiting for you out there.


It’s very likely that you will soon need to disconnect and solitude. You need to reflect on what you really want in life. Take advantage of this situation to find your space, to be less dependent. At the slightest hint of homesickness, ask yourself why, concentrate on the details you can improve and go for it.