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With the beginning of the month of October 2022, new astrological trends arrive that will have a different impact on each of the zodiac signs. So from the H. team we tell you what this new period has in store for you.


Some situations have been getting the better of you lately, you have had drastic changes which have made you have to modify your habits radically. It’s not that you don’t care about your loved ones, on the contrary, you are always there to protect them. But it is true that you may have something to settle with someone close to you which you haven’t yet finished talking about.


It is true that perhaps you are not entirely clear about what your path will be, you may even make decisions now that you do not feel completely sure about, but the important thing is that in the end, you will be able to go back if you have made a mistake. Life has taken you through complicated situations in which you have realised that you have to live in the moment.


Try to surround yourself with people who contribute, those people who in the end end up cooperating and injecting doses of energy. Because believe me, you may miss them in your closest environment Gemini. Sentimental dramas are coming, perhaps because you are not clear about what you have to do or where you should go, but everything has a solution.


Try to take care of your mental health now more than ever Cancer, try to think about yourself, about what makes you really happy. Your imagination and above all your intuition will sharpen again, it will remind you that you are full of lessons learned. Fights with that person you really care about may intensify.


This month is perfect to consolidate certain important things, to take a step forward in almost everything… From your work to your personal relationships. You should start some new routine, new habits which will bring you good energy. Learn to give everyone their rightful place and don’t spend your time trying to understand why there are people who behave badly with others.


There is something that worries you a lot, too much and perhaps not so much because of the fact itself but because you need to find the solution to everything and perhaps certain problems require time, a lot of time to do so. Start trying to understand what is in your hands and how you can change it.


Go out, talk, meet people… You can’t imagine how many good things can come out of these conversations now. What’s more, some of them will be so interesting that they will make you rethink if you are in the right place or if it’s the ideal time to pick up your things and start from scratch somewhere else.


Remember that this season is really good for manifesting, for making your thoughts into energy that will end up becoming a reality. Focus on moving your ideas forward, especially those related to professional matters. You could do a lot of things alone, yes, but there is often strength in unity.


This month the most important thing is to take care of your health, both mental and physical. Start your routines and don’t fall off on the way. It is very important for everything to go the way you really want it to. It is possible that you have been more exhausted than usual, like without much energy… But that’s it.


You have a way of saying things that is very often very off-putting. And not so much because of the truth told, nothing like that, but rather because of the way you say it. Take a breath before you jump. Before you say something that you know may not add up or contribute. Don’t get into unnecessary trouble Capricorn.


Leaving something behind is not easy Aquarius and you may not have felt quite ready to do it but now something in you is telling you to move on. Your intuition will be much more developed, it’s as if a blindfold has fallen from your eyes, as if you are finally discovering your motivation, your path and your destiny.


You may have an important project and in the days leading up to it you may be more nervous than usual, but in the end, whenever you put your mind to it, you always get what you want. And you know it. Whatever you do will exceed expectations. When things work out it is undoubtedly because you have had a different vision of them.