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Dating apps are a very feasible tool to meet new people, however they are not suitable for everyone.

After two years of virtual dating, two-dimensional encounters, technology fatigue and Zoom meetings, we have the need to socialise in person and if possible not have to make any matches through an app. In addition, dating apps tend to gamify dating, making the process feel superficial and, in some cases, unsafe. SELF reminds us how to meet new people without having to be online.

Change your usual routine

The odds of meeting someone new are not in your favour if you go to the same places over and over again. But you don’t need to become a different person to open up new opportunities for connection either. Even stepping out of your comfort zone a little can help.

Practice accessibility

It’s easier said than done, but having open body language is key to being approachable. A great start is to ditch the headphones while you’re out and about. Being more in the moment and aware of your surroundings can communicate to others that you are open to conversation.

Be consistent

Engaging in regular conversations with people is key to developing the mindset of looking for opportunities to connect with someone. Exchanging pleasantries or witty comments when the opportunity arises can be a great way to meet new people and feel more comfortable.

Overcome the fear of rejection

Being rejected by an avatar on an app can be less painful than being rejected by a real-life human, so be prepared for the fact that in-person dating can hurt more than you expected. However, it’s natural and you need to be able to look at the situation in perspective.