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Nokia brings back its best-selling 6310 model from 2002 with a set of simple updates to fit the contemporary world. But of course, it keeps the FM radio and the retro ‘Snake’ game. 


The Nokia 6310 of 2021 has a 2.8-inch curved display, numeric keypad, 0.3 megapixel rear camera, FM radio and a 1,150 mAh battery, which can last for weeks without charging. In other words, a dream come true. The phone is also equipped with 8 MB RAM and 16 MB storage.

Changes can be seen in the menu text which is much larger and more readable than before, with a view function that can further increase the image and font size. Nokia 6310 phones come in four different base colours: dark green, yellow, black and light blue (exclusive in India).

The Nokia 6310 should launch later this year and will retail for $69.