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Within the ambitious Kappa Authentic line, the Italian company offers us a capsule that connects fashion and one of the sportswear icons of the 90s, the banda.

Kappa Authentic | Bayo - © Antonio Thiery

Kappa Authentic | Bayo – © Antonio Thiery

Supported by denim as a fashionable element and the succession of white-background ominis, the proposal promises to become a #must of this winter. A dialogue between fashion and street that the Italian brand has managed to balance.

Nineties nostalgia that is represented in pieces such as the “Bayo” bib and the denim crop-top called “Bersy” that also presents a DIY aesthetic.

A proposal that will soon reach the brand’s usual retailers and that we are sure will soon be sold-out.

instagram: @kappa_official

photos: @antonio.thiery