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With winter just around the corner, lingerie brand Zhilyova has unveiled its latest campaign honouring the courage and power of female mountaineers.

Inspired by nature, the Ukrainian label’s latest campaign presents its latest exclusive lingerie pieces in three different settings. The images showcase lingerie wear for all body types and tastes that are mimicked with ropes reminiscent of mountaineering.

The garments used for Zhilyova’s campaign are: a semi-transparent bodysuit and pink, white, and black lace sets with the graphic “Unity”. In addition to transparent bras and panties in different shades of blue, green, red, as well as psychedelic print with matching stockings.

The project is also an ode to women mountaineers, namely the Japanese Junko Tabei who in 1975 became the first woman to reach the summit of Everest. The campaign aims to convey the message of the importance of finding one’s true individual potential.

You can now shop Zhilyova’s latest lingerie collection online.

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