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Loewe, like Prada, is another luxury brand that has decided to set its sights on the most consumerist summer season of the year, Christmas. To celebrate (in advance) this season, the “made in spain” fashion house has unveiled its new campaign and collection “Holiday 2021”.

Inspired by architect and furniture designer C.F.A. Voysey’s 1898 wallpaper “The Owl” and photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Jonathan Anderson has presented a collection comprising a range of small leather goods, bags and other products with playful designs, such as the intarsia wool cardigan with bird print or accessories such as a wallet, clutch and drawstring bag.

There are also small charms and bags in the shape of grapes, lemons, butterflies and snails, not forgetting an Air Pods case with the face of a cat. Finally, this Christmas line also includes some of the brand’s most iconic bags, such as the “Puzzle Hobo” and the “Flamenco”, as well as the “Amazona 23”.

What do you think of these latest creations by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe? We think they’re the best. If you like them, you can already get your hands on any of the items from the “Holiday 2021” collection in their physical shops or online.