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We can’t help but surrender again and again to the talent of Marine Serre. The difficulty of presenting a conventional collection due to Covid has prompted the French company to create an audiovisual project of artistic and philosophical essence. The film starring Sevdaliza and Julieta Merie has been directed by filmmakers Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago. “Amor Fati” tells the astral journey of two humanoids guided by the truth of each other. A convergence of scenarios and characters that unveil the designer’s new collection for the SS21 season.

Serre, Amor Fati

Amor Fati” in its most philosophical context takes as its central axis the destiny and the impossibility of the individual to change it. The understanding of this reality will lead him to his own evolution as a superman. Marine Serre presents us with the future of the industry, its closest destiny, a fashion that no longer speaks of genres but of silhouettes and androgynous profiles. To think differently is to oppose the current. The imaginary created by the French woman has a cyclical timeline from which there is no escape.


The protagonists explore a sidereal universe with which they completely mimic. The senses are stimulated by sounds and visual landscapes that mix danger and seduction. Traveling from a laboratory to a natural landscape and a subway water world, the narrative reflects the mobility of a human being in life. An attractive project that does not detract from the pieces of a sporting, military and futuristic nature that declare Serre as one of the most promising designers.

“Amor Fati” by Marine Serre

The collection does not escape the current situation, there are multiple references to personal isolation, balaclavas, respirators and hats with transparent panels. Sterile and cold scenarios represented by minimalist rooms in bright white. Marine Serre’s lunar identification is a constant in every garment, as well as the tight-fitting overalls.


The plain colors: red, black, blue and toasted have been selected to create the mystical atmosphere of “Amor Fati”. On this occasion, Marine Serre has opted for pleated and floral prints to bring informal garments to life. We can highlight the robust silver necklace that carries one of the main characters. In addition to the eyewear collection of futuristic shapes and storage accessories.