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MATINAL is a community, studio and movement focused on Post Football culture. A project based on fashion-meets-football synergy.

MATINAL is the brainchild of photographer Pablo Alzaga and his partner and colleague Nacho Asensio. The pair investigated the different manifestations of sport outside the field of play: its presence in fashion, in conversations after the final whistle or in new physical formats, and which constitute the Third Half Culture. Post Football goes beyond victory and results – winning is important, but it’s not everything.

MATINAL believes in team sport as a promoter of communities, through the generation of spaces that allow its practice and the development of products of belonging. A football without hierarchies, collaborative and that inspires communication between the amateur and the pro. Therefore, they altered the perception of football to bring together new players. Their own narrative should not be limited to the Sunday game. Culture as well as Performance.

Through the manifesto of the “Third Half Community” movement in visual format conceived by Pablo Alzaga and directed by Jaime Venet, MATINAL welcomes in style. But it doesn’t stop there, they have also designed “Friends Playing Football” – CCP Jersey, the kit for the 2023 season of CCP MATINAL, an amateur football team in collaboration with Adidas. The jersey can be purchased through their website

Third Half Community


Creative direction, Photography @pabloalzaga
Video @jaimevenet
Titles, Design @sandraramiro
Styling @vaqqqqquero
Talents @albaparrass @_alexalzaga @alberto.delara @dan.jmnzz
Voice-over @petersopral