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MSCHF’s releases tend to have a viral nature thanks to the controversial designs and quirky appeal they exhibit. Now they’re back in the media spotlight with the Gobstomper “Jimmy Fallon Edition” sneakers.


After a series of lawsuits, the Brooklyn-based art collective is back with another release: Gobstomper “Jimmy Fallon Edition”. The host of one of the most followed talk shows of the moment Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon acts as the face of the campaign.

The first completely original design from MSCHF, the Gobstomper is inspired by the iconic Gobstopper candy. Similar to that confection, the shoes are made of many layers of colours, whose bright shades of red, yellow and blue are gradually revealed with wear.


The Gobstomper “Jimmy Fallon Edition” sneakers will be available from 28 July on the MSCHF Sneakers app.

Now… Do you know what happened to the MSCHF sneakers in collaboration with Tyga that looked like Vans?