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A chef called Iron Chef Dad on YouTube is transforming dishes from fast food chains such as Taco Bell and Mc Donald’s into real treats. He even designs recipes with instant noodles or envelope macaroni that you’d want to eat on the spot. 

After transforming Susur Lee’s instant noodles into an exquisite dish, he now turns Kraft Dinner’s envelope mac and chesse into a gourmet meal. The reinvention of these macarons is part of his youtuber son Jet Bent-Lee‘s latest video series.

In addition to preparing duck confit, the chef steamed the macaroni the day before and prepared a béchamel cheese sauce along with the one that came in the Kraft Dinner packet. Susur created two options: a gratin dish topped with roasted figs and duck jus and the fried variation accompanied by toffee.