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Brendon Babenzien’s favourite oxford model has received a makeover. The New York-based brand is re-imagining Solovair’s classic Gibson 3-Eye silhouette for spring/summer 2021. The powder pink hue is wrapped around the legendary Dr. Martens competitor. Are you ready for more NOAH x Solovair?

For decades, Solovair produced the original pairs of Dr. Martens boots and oxfords. Once known as Solovair x Dr. Martens, the brand still produces all of its shoes at its factory in Northamptonshire, England. It even manufactures the “Made in England” line of Dr. Martens footwear.

The label has yet to find a solid base in the United States, but can be found online and in the NOAH shop, the same brand that has collaborated with them for the new version of the 3-Eye model. The legendary silhouette returns in stiff pink leather, slip-resistant sole and NOAH cross.

Still made with the same lasts, leather cutters and machines that were used to make the originals, Solovair’s air-cushioned shoes carry that history of consistent quality in every step. A silhouette that represents the punks and purists of 90s neighbourhoods like Camden.

The new NOAH x Solovair oxfords are now available in pink at Dover Street Market’s online shop for 220 euros. And you, are you more Dr. Martens or Solovair?