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Update or die they say. Virgil, the man who created luxury streetwear, seems to be entering in a new phase with his company with the arrival of a new branding that will replace his controversial original “X” logo.


After facing some copyright infringement lawsuits with Helly Hansen accusing them of copying “the white stripes and another contrasting color that appear on the shoulders and sleeves of the shirts and on the outer seams of the pants.” , the American designer has decided to register this new identity last September 13 under the following description: “the mark consists of a sinking person’s hands and face below the words ‘Off’ and ‘White,’” and will be used on everything from apparel and headwear to shoes and sleeping masks.

For its first creation, Off-White releases a black plain t-shirt in both man and women sizing presenting its new branding on the chest area and the back, including the traditional rubber tag from Virgil’s firm. The logo was already seen in last PFW’s  Off-White show pieces’ tags.


Available for $340 in their webstore already.