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Rick Owens and the sports brand Champion are launching the campaign for their collaboration, which was first launched in Paris last June. A series of black and white gothic-style photos showcase the pieces in the collection. Also on display is the new original emblem that combines the best of both. The line maintains the classic style of Champion’s sportswear.

Rick Owens x Champions

Far from the conventional sports uniform with its bright and lively colors, Owens and Champion opt for monochromatic items in black and pearl. The collection consists of, as the couturier explains, “gowns, loincloths and boots“. Though shorts, suits, gabardines and hooded sweatshirts are also included.

The Champion’s Reverse Weave fabric is present in a snap-lock jersey, but the mesh that so identifies the sports brand makes up the majority of the proposal. For Owens this collection is very important because of the nostalgia of remembering his cousins dressed in Champion’s clothes in the 70s. The designer admits to have a close relationship with his associate, “when I started my label in the nineties, I drew my logo by hand as a cross between the Champion logo and the Jean Patou perfume label“.

He also stresses the importance of both factories being in the same country. “This allows us to produce a collection entirely made in Italy in the same region with increasingly environmentally responsible conditions“. We can predict that this temporary union will not be the only one and that Champion and Rick Owens will meet again.

All pieces are available on the Owens website and from the SSENSE stockist.