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In an era defined by DIY and customisation, Inditex’s brand for teenage fandom presents a collection of shopper-style bags on which you can now stamp your initials. Pull&Bear follows in the footsteps of Zara and other high-end brands that have already embraced this format of fashion personalisation.

La maxi-bolsa confeccionada en tejido de toalla, que protagoniza esta nueva historia de Pull&Bear, está disponible en dos versiones cromáticas: en malva y salmón. En ella, se pueden plasmar, como si se tratase de un lienzo, las iniciales en diferentes tonos como el turquesa, amarillo o azul marino.

The maxi bag made of towel fabric, which is the star of this new Pull&Bear story, is available in two color versions: mauve and salmon. The initials can be printed on it, as if it were a canvas, in different tones such as turquoise, yellow, or navy blue.


The tote bags from the brand‘s new SS21 line are priced at 27.99 euros. They have also created toiletry bags in the same material and with the same customization possibilities. Going to the beach or the pool in style has never been so easy.