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Human Made, the B label of Nigo, founder of Japanese streetwear house A Bathing Ape, launches the ‘Book For Futuristic Teenagers Season 25’ catalogue, featuring artist and friend Pharrell Williams. 

If you’re not familiar with Human Made, you’re probably familiar with A Bathing Ape (BAPE). Both streetwear brands are owned by Japanese DJ and designer Nigo. Nigo is one of the people responsible for streetwear being so well established on the Asian continent. He is essentially a professional at reinterpreting trends and the most genuine symbols of the street.

Now, his second brand, Human Made, has just launched the ‘Book For Futuristic Teenagers Season 25’ catalogue. The collection is set to debut in the Spring/Summer 2023 season, but before that he delights us with this catalogue in which he shows us each of the garments through himself and his friend Pharrell Williams. The purchase of the catalogue includes a rubber duck as a gift.

Human Made’s ‘Book For Futuristic Teenagers Season 25’ catalogue featuring Pharrell Williams is now on sale on the brand’s website.

The first images of Human Made x Girls Don’t Cry have arrived.