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The online video platform Pornhub, specialized in pornographic content, offered its service to broadcast the German Oldenburg Film Festival via the web.


With 26 years of history and considered one of the most avant-garde and peculiar festivals; the Oldenburg was forced to cancel its 2020 edition due to the pandemic that prevents the realization of massive events.

But… A problem, a solution. Porn Hub Vice President Corey Price approached the festival organizers a week after announcing the cancellation of the festival to offer his platform.

Pornhub’s proposal

As detailed in Variety, this is another sign of Pornhub’s interest in getting involved in film. Although the Oldenburg festival is on a smaller scale than the Berlin one, it is considered the “German Sundance“.

We would love to elevate the event to something more than just watching content online and taking advantage of the digital format to reach audiences around the world,” Price said in a statement to the festival. “This will offer a very different viewing experience,” Pornhub’s vice president said, according to Variety.

Representatives of the Oldenburg Film Festival, meanwhile, have not commented on the issue … Pornhub will be the next netflix beyond porn.