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Following Norway’s regulation, which is working to make it illegal for influencers to post retouched images without warning, the UK wants to apply the same measures.

The UK has introduced a new bill in a bid to tackle body dysmorphia online. It comes after the NHS saw a 41% rise in hospital admissions for anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders among young people under 17.

The digitally altered body image bill was proposed earlier this month and calls for greater transparency from brands and influencers who use Photoshop or FaceTune for their images.

“If someone has been paid to post an image on social media that they have edited, or advertisers, broadcasters or publishers are making money from an edited photograph, they should be honest and upfront. about it.” This is not the first time such a bill has been presented to parliament.

There are still concerns about how this law will be enforced if it comes into play. Like the Norwegian law, the UK will target paid publications so that retouching is not associated with branding or commercials.

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