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On this occasion, the duo of designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy team up with the inclusive fashion company Universal Standard.

Rodarte x Universal Standard

Rodarte’s new collaboration is a tribute to the feminine reality. A tribute to ALL women.

The collections of luxury and accessible brands make fashion increasingly available to the general public.  These collaborations make prestigious brands that are criticized for their limited sizes, sometimes leave this concept outdated. For this reason, some of the most important firms in the sector have already launched special collections for all types of bodies.  In this case, Universal Standard has always considered inclusiveness as its main value.

Rodarte x Universal Standard - Campaign

The launch of Rodarte x Universal Standard combines fantasy with adapted practical adjustments. The collection is available in sizes 00 to 40, i.e. 4XS to 4XL. It aims to eliminate size restrictions in the fashion industry that exclude a large number of women around the world.

Waldman, one of the creators of Universal Standard has made it clear that “the inclusion of size and all sizes can be done, and should be done, why can’t we allow people to buy their taste, not their size?”

But this capsule collection is not only inclusive and designed for all kinds of women but also affordable: prices range from 150 to 240 euros. It is important to note that a Rodarte dress costs approximately 4000€.

The binomial of Rodarte’s aesthetics and the adjustment of a wide spectrum of Universal Standard sizes is now available on the US website.