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ROTATE celebrates togetherness and the unique power of friendship for its Pre-Spring 2023 collection through saturated garments that replace the famous LBD.

Fusing punk aesthetics with an uncomplicated sensibility, the latest collection is inspired by the personal circles of the sisters of creative directors Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Madsen. Among the standout pieces: a faux fur jacket and a sequined ensemble.

In addition to these pieces, we highlight a holographic snakeskin suit that results in a striking ensemble, perfectly embodying the energy of a cool girl. Meanwhile, a bubblegum pink mini dress arrives in a floral print, balancing out the rock star-worthy garments.

The eight-piece capsule pays homage to the beloved wardrobe staple, the Little Black Dress. With different silhouettes and fabrics, from a tweed ensemble to a lace midi option with an open back, the entire collection allows for empowerment by providing substitutes for the LBD.

ROTATE’s Pre-Spring 2023 collection is now available in the brand’s online shop.

ROTATE presents its second bridal collection.