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‘Emerge’ is the new solo exhibition of the contemporary artist from Madrid, Sabek. This exhibition proposes us to emerge, to get out of where we are immersed, and to observe our relationship with nature through his work. You can enjoy the solo show at StolenSpace gallery in London.

In this new exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Sabek invites us to observe how in his work the dichotomy between predator and prey, power and strength, energy and dynamism emerges, always seeking a perfect symbiosis. The essence of Sabek’s work flows onto the canvas and then isolates itself to synthesise a relationship between the material and the immaterial, the figurative and the abstract.

The animals that inspire Sabek’s work are often depicted as stylised, black figures, with a strong sense of respect. Their bold forms contrast with the abstract and colourful shapes that are woven into the composition, to further convey their noble and powerful place between man and nature.

Sabek began his artistic career in Madrid, developing his style on the streets and experimenting with different techniques on the walls of abandoned buildings. He began to produce a more graphic work, with natural and organic elements. His unmistakable style is defined by nature, animals, curved lines and rounded shapes, all inspired by natural origins, but transformed into a clean and contemporary style.


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“From my point of view, the relationship I establish between humans and nature is a fundamental part of my work. Through the interpretation of animals I create and try to highlight the relationship we have with them, which we are losing so quickly,” explains the artist Sabek.


StolenSpace Gallery
6-9 pm

YOU.ME.US. A|X Armani Exchange x HIGHXTAR w/ SABEK.