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An infinite number of contemporary values in a single project that aims to change the present and sculpt the future through fashion. Embodying the Zeitgeist in its creative discourse, it materializes ethics and aesthetics in equal parts in highly resistant garments made of intelligent materials. In his eco-futuristic menu, the harmony between design, sustainability, timelessness, and innovation is served in large doses. We are talking about Biga Avant Wear, the company from Vitoria that is reinventing the global scene from a national perspective.

BIGA Avant Wear

In the middle of a dystopian summer, the creative coalition between Aiala Lucero and Ania Lucero—sisters in blood and in project— officially presented BIGA Avant Wear. It did so through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform with the aim of avoiding widespread overproduction, promoting responsible consumption, and slowing down a fashion system that is still ultra-accelerated.


Their first collection known as “BIGA AW 01” was made from 40% recycled materials, aiming to reach 100% in the short term. The creative directors then derive the same “circular management system that adopts the culture of mending and recycling to give garments new lives and avoid unnecessary waste”.

BIGA Avant Wear

This debut series of conscious garments declines in Eco Smart T-shirts, made from recycled knit, in tailored pieces such as the Avant Werner blazer with a nanotechnological finish, or in its breathable and thermo-regulating Smart Denim. But, among all the pieces, the Avant Caine trench coat is the great object of desire, with stain-resistant or waterproof powers, and a construction from 93% recycled polyester.

BIGA Avant Wear

The values of proximity also enter into the equation and are added to the production chain in order to reduce the environmental footprint. In this sense, their manufacturing network is based in the national context: they design workshops between País Vasco and Cataluña, and although their suppliers are also from the rest of Europe, all manufacturing is carried out in Spain.


The eternal return of past forms and aesthetics converges in the ethos of the brand, inspired by eras such as the sixties or the swinging London movement: stimuli that inhabit this new aspect of environmental activism.

BIGA Avant Wear

Fashion becomes a language for the BIGA community, which promotes a declaration of intent with its outfits and/or garments. In order to give shape and meaning to the concept verbally, the avant-wear house does not stop saying slogans loaded with content such as “being fashionable is out of fashion“, alluding to a paradigm shift in which trends no longer define fashion, and vice versa. Hence, timelessness also lies at the core of creation.

Other slogans such as “research is the key to a sustainable future” or “fashion with a vision for today and tomorrow” give even greater meaning to the slow fashion movement that the brand champions. Now, responsible consumption and the revaluation of garments make “throwaway” meaningless.


The Lucero sisters sheathe in a minimalist aesthetic all high-performance garments that last forever thanks to their technological innovation. The materials are selected after in-depth research that aims to reach the pinnacle: to achieve the fabric of the future by investing in R+D+i in a transcendental foreground.

To arrive at the exciting outcome, the Biga lab is continuously experimenting with recycled fibers to create the perfect fabric following these ideas of ecology and eco-friendliness. The ongoing experimentation is carried out in collaboration with the Nanogune Research Centre in San Sebastian.

“The fabrics in our first collection offer nanotechnological functionalities such as: antibacterial (anti-odour), water and stain repellency and crease resistance, with the purpose of creating long-lasting and easy-care garments. Thanks to these functionalities we reduce washing and ironing, increasing the lifespan of our garments, while reducing water and electricity consumption”.

Long live to smart clothing and BIGA AVANT WEAR.