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APJP launches an exclusive collection of Jeans

The Milan-based brand APJP has launched an exclusive collection of 10 hand-painted jeans, which will be sold exclusively at LN-CC.

APJP and the redefinition of black

Black can be applied to both extremes of the human mood. APJP knows it and has proved it in their last drop where denim is the protagonist.

Alberto Panocchi and Joelle Pomioli present APJP

The APJP project by Alberto Panocchi and Joelle Pomioli was officially presented at Milan Design Week 2019. However, the inspiration comes from a long time ago.

nss meets Converse | Enjoy Purple Christmas Fam

Converse and nss factory have partnered to celebrate Christmas together through an editorial of ironic and vintage aesthetics: Enjoy Purple Christmas Fam.

We talk w/ Alberto Panocchi, store manager in Slam Jam Milano

Alberto Pannochi is a young man who knows what he’s talking about and who in just three years has consolidated his position in one of the most interesting projects in the fashion world.