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We talk W/ María Becerra: first album, first tour & first time with spanish audience

We talk to María Becerra on the occasion of her first album, first tour, and first contact with the Spanish public.

We talk W/ Amanda Portillo after her debut in “First Class”

A lover of good living and luxury, we spoke to Madrid-based artist Amanda Portillo about First Class and her latest artistic projects.

We talk W/ YUME YUME founders

YUME YUME aims to create design pieces for all artists around the globe. We talked to them about their collaborations and upcoming projects.

We talk exclusively to Julius Juul, creative director of Heliot Emil

We talk exclusively to Julius Juul, creative director of Heliot Emil, about his latest collection and ANDAM FASHION AWARDS nomination.

We talked w/ pablopablo about his debut album “ALBUM 1”

We talked to pablopablo about his debut album, his relationship with C. Tangana and the weight of having the surname Drexler.

We talked w/ Omar Apollo about “Ivory” and C. Tangana

After stopping by Madrid to present “Ivory”, we spoke to the artist about his latest project, his collaboration with C. Tangana and more. 

We talk w/ Sfera Ebbasta: latest album, tour, collabs and more

We spoke to singer Sfera Ebbasta on the occasion of her concert this Friday 27 May at the Teatro Barceló in Madrid.

We talked w/ Guitarricadelafuente about his first album

We talked to Guitarricadelafuente about his first album “Cantera”, the big screen, Jacquemus, future collaborations and more.

We talk exclusively w/ Christelle Kocher about the latest KOCHÉ campaign

We spoke exclusively to the creative director of the French brand KOCHÉ, Christelle Kocher, about the third edition of the “Nude” campaign.

We talk W/ the all-rounder from Vigo Beauty Pikete

Although he has only recently arrived on the national music scene, Beauty Pikete, from Vigo and based in Madrid, is the new young promise.

HIGHTALKS. VOL. 13 – ByCalitos

In this HIGHTALKS number 12 we are joined by ByCalitos, one of the most powerful figures in national streetwear who is breaking records.

We talk w/ Casa Maricruz, the vindication of craftsmanship in the 21st century

Casa Maricruz is María Estrada’s new contemporary craft brand that acts as a megaphone to spread Spanish heritage.

HIGHXTAR. meets Ana Rujas | Powered by UNIQLO

HIGHXTAR. and UNIQLO U wanted to celebrate the professional evolution of Ana Rujas with an editorial focused on the SS22 season.

We talk W/ Cami Alberti: 3D, metaverse and NFTs

We talked to Cami Alberti, artist, 3D filmmaker, creative director, DJ and a host of other adjectives that put her in the spotlight.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.11 – Jhay Cortez

In this HIGHTALKS number 11 we are joined by Jhay Cortez, one of the most powerful and record-breaking figures of the Latin urban scene.

We talk W/ Eladio Carrión: “Sauce Boyz II is the album of my life”

We talked to Eladio Carrión in the middle of his Spanish tour after releasing what he calls “the album of his life”, Sauce Boyz II.

Drunk with the new EP by María Escarmiento

Hablamos con María Escarmiento sobre el single “Borracha”, el primer adelanto de su último EP titulado “Diplomática”

HIGHTALKS. VOL.10 – Recycled J

In this HIGHTALKS number 10 we join  el niño bueno de los Hijos de la Ruina” – Jorge Escorial – AKA Recycled J. One of the artists with more projection of our country.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.9 – Bon Calso

In this HIGHTALKS VOL. 9 we are accompanied by Bon Calso, the artist from Madrid who is doing it big right now and one of the great national promises.


We talk w/ Samantha Hudson, star of Absolut’s Pride 2021 campaign

We interviewed the artist Samantha Hudson, the star of Absolut’s new campaign that focuses on claiming LGTBIQ+ rights. Happy Pride!

We talk w/ Luna Ki, the future of pop

WE SPEAK WITH LUNA KI, THE FUTURE OF POP at one of the most prolific moments of her career, just before the release of her debut album.