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What was promised is debt. Following the success of its bags, Telfar has decided to launch a collection of durags that promotes the brand’s commitment to providing luxury fashion to communities that do not usually have access to it.

“This durag is meant to be a luxury type, and our goal, as always, is even more accessibility and ubiquity… We want to be at every braiding, barbering and warehouse location in America,” designer Telfar Clemens told Interview.

The Durags come in two styles, bandana print and logo monogramming. Available in red, blue and black, the first is peppered with cashmere motifs typical of handkerchiefs. The Telfar logo is incorporated throughout the print, adding subtle branding touches. The second one, available in black and maroon, goes all in the monogram of the Telfar logo, with a “T” repeated in several sizes.

Telfar durags are sold for 75 euros each on the Telfar website.