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It’s summer, a time when all the attention is focused on the beaches and they become, in a certain sense, a reference point in terms of fashion. A catwalk where the bikinis, sunbathing and enjoying a good cocktail take all the limelight.

Barrio XIX x nss G Club

Barrio XIX x nss G Club

With that in mind, the Barrio XIX  (@barrioxix) and nss G Club (@nssgclub)  brands have teamed up to create a bathing suits capsule in which the airs of 80´s and 90´s soak up everything.

A Latin American and Italian connection that takes us into a world of brightness and sensuality, creating a vibrant nostalgic eroticism that Vincenzo Schioppa  (@vinceskiopps) has been able to capture perfectly through his lens. Below you can find the pictures from the editorial.

The Barrio XIX y nss G Club meets 80s hot summer

La cápsula está compuesta por tres modelos de trajes de baño en tres colores diferentes – rojo, blanco y negro – adornados con los icónicos gráficos de Barrio y con la firma del proyecto nss G Club. Los bañadores cuentan con una toalla a juego dando lugar a un look de playa  ganador.

The capsule is made up of three models of swimwear in three different colours – red, white and black – adorned with the iconic Barrio graphics and the signature of the nss G Club project. The swimsuits have a matching towel to create a winning beach look.

The collection is now available through this link, an authentic #musthave for this summer.


Photographer Vincenzo Schioppa

Street Casting  Carmela FiorentinoKimberly BurgosMichelle Jeannelly Aramboles RodriguezFederica Talanga

Styling Valeria Semushina

MUA Elena Gaggero

Art direction & production nss factory