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New emojis are finally arriving in WhatsApp’s latest 15.0 update. Introduced just ahead of World Emoji Day (17 July), the collection will be available in September for iOS and Android devices. 

Among the latest new emojis for WhatsApp are a shaking face to express shock or confusion or the high-five symbol. In addition, hearts in new colours such as sky blue, grey and light pink (one of the most requested by users for years) are finally arriving.

New animals will be available: the moose, the donkey, the jellyfish, the goose and the black bird. Religious and cultural symbols will also be added, such as the Khanda, which means “knowledge of God” in Sikhism, or a comb for afro hair. Finally, soy beans, ginger and lavender are also added.


You can check out the full 15.0 update on the Emojipedia website.

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